Jquery Introduction

1.What is JQUERY?. How To download and set up JQUERY library?.

2.How To write a simple JQUERY Program?.

3.What is the Difference Between Jquery and Javascript?.

Jquery Functions

1.what is .hide(), types of parameters passed to .hide() in jquery()?.

2.what is .hide(), .slideUp(), .slideToggle(), .fadeOut() in jquery() explained with example.?.

3.how to use .html() .text() .val() in jquery with examples.

4.what is .css() in jquery explained with example.

5.what is first-child, last-child, parent child selectors in jquery with example.

6.what is animate() in jquery(),what is stop() in Jquery?.

7.What Is Function Chaining In Jquery?.

8.what is noConflict() in jquery?.

Ajax Related Examples

1.What is Json?. Explain with and example. JSON vs XML Part-1.

2.What is Json?. Explain with and example. JSON vs XML Part-2.

3.How to create Json?. How to parse JSON Data?.

4.How To perform Ajax Calls Using Jquery?.

5.What is Ajax?. How to deploy project and use Wampp Server?.

6.What is $.ajax() function in jquery?.

7.What $.getJSON() in Jquery?.

JQUERY Special Examples

1.what is class based selector in jquery explained with an example.

2.what is even and odd selector in jquery explained with an example.

3.what is traversing in jquery?.

4.What is Call back function in Jquery?.

5.How To create a Menu using Jquery?.

6.How To create accordion() using Jquery?.

7.How to switchClass() in Jquery?.

8.How to switchClass() in Jquery?.

9.What is addClass() and removeClass() in Jquery?.

10.How to convert one component to another component using jquery.

11.what is autoComplete() function in jquery?.

12.what is resizable() in jquery?.

13.what is draggable() and droppable() in jquery?.

14.what each() function in jquery?

15.How To Create A Tab in jquery?

16.What is Slider in Jquery?.

17.what is selectmenu() in jquery?.