Application Based Projects

Java Application Based Projects

1 .E-Fraud Prevention based on the Self-Authentication of e-Documents
2 .Multi New Product Survey Management .
3 .Recommendation System Based On Web Usage Mining and Semantic Web A Survey.
4 .Municipal Administration System.
5 .Distributed Data Integration on Electricity Board
6 .Key Management for Content Integration
7 .Nearest Shopping Location Identification Systems
8 .Query Response System for File Management
9 .Voting System for Web Library
10. Web Page re-Ranking System for Library
11 .Online Advertising System
12 .Web Usage Mining
13 .Leave Management For MNC
14 .Multi New Product Survey Management
15 .Advance Airline Reservation System
16 .E-Learning
17 .Human Assurance Administration
18 .Manifold Entrust Scheme
19 .High level network Security Using Packet Filtering
20 .Online Auction Bit
21 .Global Counseling System
22 .Implementation and Validating Environmental and Health
23 .Military Equipment Rental Systems
24 .Virtual classroom system
25 .Confined Web Spider
26. Automation of IT Process and Management.
27. Company information Tracking System (CITS).
28 .Enabling Public Verifiability and Data Dynamics for Storage in Cloud Computing.
29 .Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing.
30 .E-Online job Recruitment.
31 .ERP.
32 .Freelancer Job.
33 .Inter Bank Fund Transfer in Distributed Network.
34 .Online Rental House Web Portal.
35 .Sms Topup.
36 .Wireless healthcare system.
37 .E-Tutor Online Jobs.
38 .Credit card System.
39 .Employee Management System.
40 .Online University.
41 .Web Eye.
42 .Online Examination System.
43 .BPO Call center.
44 .Mailing System.
46 .High level network Security Using Packet Filtering.
47 .Location-Based Spatial Query Processing with Data Sharing in Wireless Broadcast Environments.
48 .Mobility Management Approaches for Mobile IP Networks.
49 .Modeling & Automated Containment of Worms.
50 .Online Index Recommendations For High-Dimensional Databases Using Query Workloads.
51 .Protection of Database Security via Collaborative Inference Detection.
52 .Global Counseling System .
53 .Project Work Tracking System .
55 .Mobile Banking System (WAP)
56 .Pre-paid Recharging System on Banking.
57 .Wireless Helthcare Prescription System.
58 .Secure SMS Transaction System on banking (j2me).
59 .Online Real Estate Property Management.
60 .Work Order System for Call Center.
61 .E-Crime File Management System.
62 .E-Online Recruitment System..
63 .Company Information Tracking System(CITS).
64 .Inter Bank Fund Transfer in Distributed Network.
65 .Automation Of Project and Process Management.
66 .Credit Card Management System.
67 .Encrypted IT Auditing on Cloud Computing.
68 .Corporate Security Reporting System(CSRS).
69 .Shiping Management(chennai port trust).
70 .Ship Store System
71 .Enterprise Stock and Accounting System.
72 .Knowledge Based Decision Support System(KMS).
73 .Online Jewelry Management.
74 .Pharmacy Information System .
75 .Multi New Product Survey Management.
76 .Secure SMS Transaction System on Banking.
77 .Transport Management System.
78 .Secure File Uploading Server with Advance protecting system.
79 .Defect Analysis System.
80 .A Semantic Web Based Scientific News Aggregator
81 .Design & Development of Car Parking and Automation Billing Systems.
82 .Nutraceuticals Management System.
83 .Fertilizer Management System.
84 .Tollgate Management System
85 .Disease Information Hiding on Publishing Healthcare Data.
86 .File Security With Multi Database System.
87 .Relational Logic Search Engine On Healthcare
88 .As-Needed- Basis Accountability for Cloud Data Sharing .
89 .Data Base Fraud Detection Systems.
90 .High and Low Level SQL Query Executor
91 .Multilevel Images Authentication Systems.
92 .Secure File Monitoring System on Cloud .
93 .Time To Time Stock Market Updater and Monitoring System.
94 .Client Favorite Photo Search Engine on Web.
95 .Distribution System for Discount Sales.
96 .iKnoweb Extracting and Integrating Entity Information System.
97 .Online Ensemble Learning Approach.
98 .Online tagging for multimedia content.
99 .Predicting Top Company Share Based on High Utility Data .
100 .Quick Customer decision support on Web Sales Portal.
101 .Sequential Anomaly Detection from User Behaviour.
102 .VIP Information Gathering On WEB with Name Aliases.
103 .E-Music World.
104 .Citizen Card System.
106 .Advance User Management on Social Website.
107 .Cloud Cyber Attacks against Social Networks
108 .Cloud Policy-Based File Assure Deletion .
119 .Consumer Sales Online Fake Product Detection and Deletion
110 .Data theft detection mobile cloud computing.
111 .Encrypted Data Storage Vs Data Against Illegal Access.
112 .A Game Theory for Online Security .
113 .Information and Knowledge Extracting from a large amount of data.
114 .Mobile TV Quality Management.
115 .Movie Rating and Recommendation on Mobile.
116 .Online Multi Type Documents Search Engine.
117 .Personalize Your News on Web.
118 .Product Market Manipulations on Asian stock market.
119 .Quality Visualization on Web TV.
120 .Annotation of short texts With Wikipedia pages.
121 .Defending Against Web Application Vulnerabilities
122 .Enabling Site Interaction In Social Community.
124 .Movie Recommender Systems via User- Item Subgroups .
125 .Online Banking With Fraud Detecting
127 .Online Search Ranking On Multiple Domain.
128 .Secure Online Documents Management System In Cloud.
130 .Sql Tuner.
131 .Web Hosting On Cloud.
132 .Attribute Key Based Data Security System.
133 .Cloud Cost Management for Customer Sensitive Data.
134 .Cloud Data Theft Attacks.
135 .Industry Standard Authorization For Sensitive Resources.
136 .Mobile TV Quality Management.
137 .Web Parser on Sequence Alignment Techniques.
138 .Customer Information Hiding for Data Mismanagement in Banking.
139 .Digital Documents Attestation Systems.
140 .Fast Web Information Gathering with Alias Detection.
141 .Unique Web Resources Utilization Monitoring System.
142 .Web Server Security with Web Client Management System